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Statement of Faith
  1. The Word of God-The scripture are written by the Holy Spirit and inerrant and verbal plenary. The Word of God is also Jesus.
  2. Deity of Christ-Christ is known as Immanuel whioh is 'God with us'. He came down from heaven as God, the Son. Yet, He came as a man to show others the kingdom of God.
  3. Fallen Man-The first sin was caused by Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit.
  4. Heaven or hell--Those who go to heaven deny self, surrender to Jesus, and follow Jesus. All unbelievers go to hell.
  5. Salvation---Salvation is for those who come through Jesus Christ only.
  6. Trinity---The trinity includes three personages---God, the Father, God, the SOn, and God, the Holy Spirit.
  7. Satan--Satan is the father of lies. He doesn't come as a red dragon but as an angel of light.
  8. second coming of Christ---Christ will come back to restore everything.
  9. Kingdom of God---includes all saved Christians
  10. Discipleship---fulfilling the Great Commission-the adding of people to the ekklesia by the Holy Spirit.
  11. the ekklesia--the 'called out' ones (from the world)
  12. evangelism---spreading of the good news
  13. appearance--dressing not by clothing only, but by good example
  14. the marriage---the Christians being joined to Christ
  15. brotherhood--includes all Christians
  16. gifts--abilities given by the Holy Spirit

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