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Are You Saved?

   The Lord is good. He is an excellent Lord. You should join Him. Now, the 'Sinner's Prayer' will not be able to deliver you but if you submit to the Lord Jesus with your heart, that is how the Lord God will bring you to the the church or bring the church to you. It may take a little timing, but you will find that the Lord's timing is perfect. Don't give up! Give Him everthing that you have. He will take care of you. Now, the Christian life isn't a bed of roses. You will be rewarded in this life and in the next. The next life is a life in heaven which is a eternal, everlasting joyous, happy life. It will never be sad. You will receive the Holy Spirit upon prayer and He will teach you, guide you and comfort you upon prayer and need. Do not pass up Christianity.

   Christ died for you on the cross so that you can live. He rose three days after so that you did not have to pay the penalty of death and sin. What is the penalty of sin? It is hell. It is a terrible place where people who do not have a relationship with Christ go. It, like heaven, is everlating, but miserable. Christ protected us from it. He did this for us. All that we have to do is trust and believe in Him. Then we can come home to heaven. He knows your heart and if you have a believeing heart, you will be in the Book of Life and go home to heaven.

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