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   The ekklesia is married to Christ. The ekklesia is an organism. The body of Christ is an organism. It is the wife of God. She knows that she can come to him for comfort. (early 2 Corinthians) She will get stressed. That means that we will get weary and tired. The devil may attack us. When the devil attacks us, we have the:

...and most importantly, we can also pray. When we get into a rough situation, we can pray. We can go to our husband when in need. THe Lord has built his church, and Satan cannot touch it. He is talking about the spiritual church. If Satan tries to touch it, all that this spiritual church has to do is cry out to Him and the Lord will deliver them. The Lord iS amazing! If you have problems, you know that you can always go to the Lord, because He is there to heal your hurts. It may take time, but there is a reason why He takes that time and during that time, in the end, you'll be glad He did it. So, in the end, we do not have to worry, the Lord loves us and will deliver us, because He loves us and He wants the best for us and He will fight and win over any enemy who tries to defeat us. In the Lord, there is victory.

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