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Acts Church Gathering

   This is how the first century church was ran. However, this is a similarity to how the regular church should be run. First of all, when it says that the apostles taught, we need to teach each other and be an example to each other and be a family. No Christian should be over another. It is not a mandate that the ekklesia have food. If Christ is the focal point, then that is all that matters. It is the same with signs and wonders. Signs and wonders can be found anywhere. Signs and wonders do not declare authenticity. It is Jesus Christ that matters, who is the Word of God. The Christians always put themselves lower than each other just as a body works to support each other. They treated each other better than they would like to be treated. The Christians always took last place. Whatever happened, God took first place. He was in charge. The Acts church and the real church should both be, a family. Now, this is different from the Sundays and Wednesday services. If we are an ekklesia, then we are a family all of the time.

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