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Got A Question?

   You have the right to question any material that anyone is presenting you. The material can come from any church setting. It does not mean that you are causing trouble or division. Well, look at it this way. What if everyone is wrong and you are right? Or, what if you are wrong and everyone else is right? It could happen. This does not mean that you are causing distractions, divisions, causing trouble, or working with Satan. It just means that you have a question that needs to be answered. The sheep deserve to be fed. A body does not need to remain limp. Each body part must be cared for in a proper way. If it does not receive its proper nutrients, then it will die. Also, no one should try to restrict the ability to answer questions. We are all human. When this happens. The person giving the information does not receive and the receiver does not totally understand the material fully. The best way to handle this is that we all work together as a body and learn from each other, instead of one man or woman taking control. If we do this, we will all benefit.

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