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   Those who help the one who is weak will receive help themselves.

   There are people who feel happy when they overpower the weak or destitute. Well, the truth is, that God is the maker or the poor and the rich. When you hurt the poor or the rich, you hurt the Lord's feelings. You always have the option of crying to the Lord if something doesn't go right. Give the Lord time. He will sort through the issue and make everything right. Now, here is something that you should remember. Are you enemies big enough to pick on someone or are they big enough not to? What I am saying is that something is missing in their own lives! You may be the one to help them. You may be the light in the darkness for this person. Do not fight back. Do what Jesus did. He submitted to every blow and insult and did not come from the cross and fight anyone. He is the primary example of how to handle enemies or bullies. We, as Christians, we do not fight back. We love back. I know that you may think this sounds strange but the purpose is to win this purpose for Christ. He will reward you and bless the enemy. Do not fight back.

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