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Watch Out!

   Another way of putting this is check yourself before you wreck yourself. Some people talk much but don't realize what they say hurt people. Sometimes, what you say can hurt people. It can even hurt someone who is a Christian brother or sister. If that occurs, then make up with that person as soon as possible if you can. But the main problem is sin, sin hurts, sin wounds, and sin kills. Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. We all need to ask God for more of it. With sin, the problem is that someone or you gets hurt and we do not want that to happen. If that occurs, be reconciled with that person quickly or he or she may decide to take you to civilian court, which is an embarrassment upon the Christian community. Try your best not to speak as much and you may avoid hurting another person. If you hurt another, pray to the Lord about the situation and hopefully, that person may forgive you.

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