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In The Future...

   I notice that things are going to be rough in the future. I no that this is Bible prophecy but these events could happen:

   In the last times, some people believe that we are there and some believe that we aren't. Things are going to get rough. I believe that people will be all about themselves and less about God. I believe that we could be in utter choas if we do not listen to God. I believe, for Christians, there will be an intense seeking of the Lord and praying. There will be no time for fighting and saying that you will belong to what denomination that you belong to. It is going to be a time when we start acting like we are citizens of heaven. There should be no fighting. If you have a beef with someone, then resolve it quickly. We cannot give the devil room to operate. It will be a time to pray to the Lord. It will be a time to follow the Lord's example. It will be a time to help fulfill the Great Commission. We need to be a extended family and we can't fight as one. We must be a people who will move with the Lord or Holy Spirit. And finally, we must know that God is in control.

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