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Plea for Mercy

   We know that we have wronged others. It is very important that we be reconciled to each other. It is also important that we love and forgive each other. Jacob knew that the blessing that he took was originally Esau's. He found that it was important that he is reconciled to his brother. In the Old Testament, all of the punishments and fines were nothing but reconciliation, but these laws were there because they did not know how to do it themselves. Now, the Lord will treat us in the same way that we treat others, so we need to follow the Golden Rule and treat everyone like the second greatest commandment, which is to treat everyone in the same way as you would like to be treated. God is a god of mercy. He wants all of us to be merciful to each other. he even wants us to show mercy towards the poor, or He will not show mercy whne you are in need. Mercy is kindnedd. He doesn't want you to do anything for Him; he wants you to love Him and love others and put yourself last, just as Jesus. He says that He desires mercy, not sacrifice. Show mercy to everyone. You will be rewarded.

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