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Trust the Lord

   We, are sheep, we do not know what to do with our lives. God knows. If one of us sheep went out on our own we would hurt ourselves. Now, the Lord will keep us safe. When we call to the Lord, he will deliver us, but the thing is, we must ask for it. We need to run to the Lord for protection from Satan. Satan is the thief of the sheep. He wants to slaughter them and make them their own. You will not find safety anywhere else but the Lord. The world will not help you. The world will make you think that you are safe. The world is full of deception. The world doesn't know that it is deceived. The Lord has all of the answers. That is why you can't trust it. The Lord has all of the answers. You can trust the Lord. He will keep you safe. When you are worried, just tell the Lord, and He will answer you and the answer will come on good timing. Make sure you call is legitimate or He will not answer you. God cares for His children. God cares for you. Ask Him for deliverance and He will deliver you. He will make it all better. Just ask. God is amazing!

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