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   Now, the Lord has said that we need to love everyone. He told us to love the Lord with all of our body, soul, mind, and heart. We are also suypposed to love your neighbor as ourselves. There are more commands which we need to follow from Paul, John, and Peter. They teach us to walk in the Spirit. They also tell us to walk in the 'new man'. They emphasize the Gospels (John, Luke, Mark, Matthew). The Lord tells us to be like Him. The Lord wants our hearts, because by other means, we cannot be perfect. so, the Lord tells us to follow these commands because they are for our good.

   Now, where are I going? I am saying that we need to take the Lored's commandments and follow Him with our hearts. We have the wise and the foolish. The wise will take the Lord seriously and grow wiser. The fool will rebuke you and get upset because right now, he doesn't want to change. But sometimes, he gets a rude awakening from God and he learns his lesson the hard way. Sometimes, you have to be a fool to become wise. Sometimes, the School of Hard Knocks is good for you also. But all that I know is that when the Lord says something, it needs to be done. We will fall, but we can get back up.

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