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God's Tears

   We have started wih God. He gave us everything god from the beginning, but we have continually rebelled against Him. What makes me wonder is do we truly love God? When we do something wrong, does it hurt God's feelings? God is a nice god, but I feel sometimes, that we take advantage of Him. I know that we have been saved by grace, but is that enough? I think that sometimes, we don't love God because we keep going our own way, do what we want to do, and do what we want to do when we want to do it how we want to do it when we want to do it and we act as if God does not care. If you look at John 14:15, it says that if you love Me, you'll obey Me. Obedience to God is not legalism. Legalism is when you do all kinds of rituals and rites just to get to God or to impress God. God doesn't care about anything else that you do for Him. He just wants our hearts. Do you know what loving your Father is? It is obeying Him and doing what He says. He wants us to spread His love everywhere. That means, we need to care for each other and love each other as a family. Anyone should be welc0me into this family. Everyone (including the hardest ones) deserves to be loved by the love of God. He doesn't want all of this religious stuff, He wants you. Love him back by doing what He says. Try not to give Him grief. He is a loving Father. Show Him that you are worth His time. You Heavenly Father is a sweetheart! Make those tears that He cries into happy tears.

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