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Turning the Other Cheek

   Have you heard of the code of Hammurabi? It was a code which the ancients followed. It was basically 'an eye for an eye and a toth for a tooth'. Basically, if you knock out someone's tooth, they get to knock out yours. But Christians follow a different law. Christians follow the law of justice, love, and mercy. If someone hurts you you are to forgive them and go the extra mile. If someone punches you on the left cheek, do not fight back. As Christians, we are sacrifices to the world. We do not fight back. We are the lowest of the low to others. We are told that the greatest in the kingdom are the greatest servants. Jesus was our prime example. He came not to be served, but to serve.

Jesus' Death

   Jesus was arrested by a kiss. A disciple cut off an arresting party's ear. Jesus healed the ear. Jesus went through much misery on the cross. He did not fight back. When you are in an adverse condition, you should pray and not fight back. The Lord will deliver you. The Lord took Jesus' spirit to heaven.

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