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The Great Commission

   I am going to be blunt in this article so watch out. We, as Christians, are called to make disciples of all of the nations. But the problem is that we are not being the example of Jesus Christ to the questioning Christians. They don't see it. People who go into the church have as many go out. Christianity is about more than the church; it is about relating to each other as a family. The problem is that many prospective Christians see other Christians who are not living their lives as they are supposed to and somehow, a supposedly Christian brother or sister caught in a gross sin shows him or herself contrary to what Christianity is supposed to be. People will leave and it may be hard to win their heart back or win them back to Christianity. Don't hand out tracts. Don't drag them to church. Be an example to them and show them the light that Jesus has shown you. Love the person and don't have any other motives. I honestly believe that a person can be won for life just be showing him or her the simple love of Jesus through you. So, do not not put the pressure into them. Be an example and love them without any other motives. If they ask, just tell them.

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