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Lack of Love

   Do you know why the chapter 1 Corithians is there? It is because if we are to follow Jesus' example, we need to love. Now, when we love, we need to let go of part of ourselves in order to love the other person. In fact, it is also, mutual submission. Now, in today's world, there is a severe lack of love. People ignore people. Poeple ignore people in need. People threaten people. People kill people for self-aggrandizement. Many people in this world make no attempt to contact each other. In fact, in today's world, again, there is a serious lack of love. Now, we will look at Christians, they go to church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wedneday evening and give out hugs and kisses and then when they leave the church, they are just like the world. That is why Christians are a big laughingstock because many people do not see their fruits of Christianity. Send the tracts as much as you want, but people are looking for authenticity. God wants justice, mercy, righteousness, and love. When people do not see this, they think that the Christian life is a lie or they just say whatever. Ou job is to let people come into the light. When they see the light, they will come. That means that we must follow the Christian way, which is obedience to Christ and walking in the Spirit. But, as Christians, we need to love everyone, regardless of the way that they present themselves.

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