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   Christianity is a way to live. It is not a religion. There is a difference. Reading your Bible is not good enough. However, reading you Bible shows you the way to life, truth, and the Way. The Way is Jesus Christ. As Christians, we need to become a family. We must no longer be divided. We should be under the same spiritual roof of God. There should be no fighting among us. If we are going to be an ekklesia, we need to let Christ be the head of the ekklesia. In the ekklesia, we must be a family guided by God himself. As a family, we need to be all about God, because if you are then God will bless us, because God knows our hearts. We all have gifts, so no one should claim leadership. We are all important and no one should be any less or more. We also should not adopt worldly patterns because if we do, we will greive the spirit. We, as Christians, are the body of Christ. We must not forget that. We must always let the Lord know how great He is, because He is great! God does want us to be an example, and He expects that from everyone. You don't need food, but ou do need the Lord. Christians should be in, but not of the world. But they should be fulfilling the Great Commission. God wants us to be strong in persecution, because the devil will always try to destroy us. Again, the Christians need to be a family. And when people see that the Christians are walking in the light. People will join them.

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