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Some Rules to Cultivate

  1. All subjects are okay unless they drive a person to worship other gospels.
  2. Respect each other and love each other as the talk and anywhere that they are around.
  3. Love.
  4. Be teachable.
  5. Come with humility.
  6. Do not bring your 'self'.
  7. Stay away from any witchcraft or idolatry or any appearance of it. It is sin.
  8. do not let one person take charge. In Christianity, we are not the most important person there. Everyone must particpate and on equal authority.

   Ephesians 4:26-31 is an example and a guide but not a requirement on how God wants his ekklesia to run. That is why we need to turn to God and aske for His guidance. WIthout His guidance, we have no flame in our hearts to keep going. In the rules above, these are basic rules of respect. Come as a family to worship the Lord at any team. If you don't know, come as much as you would like! He'd appreciate it! Pray together! SIng together! He'd love it! Be a family that worships God together! There is no time constraints when it comes to God. He owns time and He owns constraints. He owns time constraints. He is the owner of everything. Follow Him. Imitate Christ.

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