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Five Fold Ministry

   This theory comes from Ephesians 4:11-13. However, although Earl Paulk came up with a similar theory, I present this theory in a different way. I still involve the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors, and the teachers. Lokk at the scripture. Here is a brief chart:

apostleαποστολωςA messenger
prophetπροφητηςa person who sees the future
evangelistευαγγελιστηςspreader of good news
pastorπ&omicron:ι&mi;ηνshepherd of the people
teacherδιδασκαλωςone who does a good job as a teacher

   These are all gifts that should exist in the ekklesia. They should not stand out. Every person has gifts. Just because a person has gifts does not mean that they can claim any amount of power or demand obedience. We, as Christians, need to be on equal footing. If they claim any authority, then they need to be an example to the flock, because at any time, any gift could be needed. So, no gift is superior to another, but the five fold ministry is the government but they should not demand any kind of submission or obedience. If they want the obedience or submission, then it is by being an example and that authority is earned by the people.

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