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The Broken Record

   The broken record is a when a record that repeats itself over and over. But in this case, it needs to repeat, "no", "no", "no", repeatedly. Who do we need to say 'no' to? It is the devil. Jesus did it. The devil will try and try again to get you to submit to him and where did following him totally end up in? Hell. Sin will destroy us. That is why we need God. What you may have not noticed is that Satan is the master of deception. He found that being as an angel of light works better than coming as a dragon. He wants to destroy us, but we cannot let him. That is why we constantly must tell him 'No.' This focuses when the devil tries to trick Jesus. Now, understand this quickly. The devil knows the Bible! He will use it to destroy us and we must fight back using prayer, God, and other Christian resources. The devil tried to ruin Jesus's fast. Jesus said, "No." Satan tried to get Jesus to test God's power. Jesus said, "No." Finally, Satan offered Jesus the world. Jesus said "No." That is what you say to the devil, "No.", "No,"..... Don't become a Satanic statistic. Don't let him take advantage of you. Satan already lost the battle. There is no reason for you to join him in defeat. Tell him, "No, no, no,..never!"

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