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   Look at John 3:16. That says that if you believe that Jesus was the Son of God and saved you from the law of sin and death, then you will be saved. But that says that you need to believe. There is a law that says that if you believe, you will receive. So, if you don't believe in Jesus, you will not receive his inheritance, which is the kingdom of God. Now, there is an important issue, I want to discuss with you, you know that you are saved by grace but not work, but instead, you are saved by both of them together. Also, look at James 2. If you have faith and no works, you have empty words, but if you have works alone, then don't plan on salvation. Now, I am going to speak on grace. You need grace working with works. There is a law that says that it must happen. It is the law of investment You received grace. But I think Jesus wants us to follow through. Jesus says that we need to be perfect, am I am perfect. He didn't mean that we are to be perfect, but He wants us to imitate His faith. If you look at Romans 6, we need to make every effort to die to sin, daily, because Jesus died to sin, because if you choose to live a life a sin and that is the motive of your heart, then you are serving a different master, which is not Jesus. I'm not sure how this works, but if you are one of those who say that 'I am under the grace of God and I can do whatever I want to' and then when you apply the verse that says 'the wages of sin is death', God may know that something's wrong and then turn you loose. Again, I'm not sure how that works, but we need to put on the 'new man'. We will fall, but God will lift up. If our motives are holy, He will work with us, even if they aren't holy, He will work with us, but we need to have the right motives. I sincerely believe that if you believe in Jesus and your life has the right motives, you should have salvation. It is the doers and not the hearers alone who are justified. (James 1:26-27)

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