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   In this page, I am talking about dress in the ekklesia. Look in your Bibles! There should be a verse that says that you should dress in a nice suit and tie or a nice dress for the women. Uh! oh! It's not in there! Now, some people say that they need to respect their church. But what is the church? A building> So are you doing what a building is telling you. God says that you should come as you are. You don't need the nice suits and dresses. Christ said that he wants your hearts. Some people have chosen to have an unanounced contest with each other to compete in dress. This should not be! In the ekklesia, just come as yourselves!

   In the missionary view, for ladies, shorts are a thing which you should not wear. Pants are usually not as great either. It is best to dress as the natives. You don't want to have one of those 'Salem witch trial' events to happen. Love them as Jesus does because you goal is to bring them to Jesus.

   In the New Testament, it said that the women's long hair is her covenant to her husband. That was the cultural standard. The purpose of this covering issue is that the men and women need to assert their position and themselves in the kingdom of God. It is letting the woman know that she is her husband's covering. Now, he does not demand her submission, but they are one flesh and one team.

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