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   If you look at John 3:30, you will find that John said that John must decrease and Jesus must increase. Also if you look in the dictionary, you will find that it says that humility is a form of submissiveness or lowliness. Jesus was a prime example of this. So, why must Christians practice humility? I will explain. The truth is, the way up is the way down and vice versa. If you look at Matthew 18, Jesus made it clear that the ones who are greatest in the kingdom are the ones who are the servants. Jesus made it clear in his example. He came to serve and not to be served. If you look at it this way in this latter sentence, Jesus is the prime example of humility. Humility is prefering others better than yourself. Jesus even said that love does n0t seek its own, so, it is not about self. You put God and others first and yourself last. That's just the way it works. Put yourself last. If you want evidence on where this comes from, look in Proverbs, you will find these verses at least twice. It says humility before honor. So, the way up is the way down. Put Christ first. Put others second. And put youselves last.

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