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The Court System

   This article is about the court system on earth. As Christians, we need to bring our issues to the Lord. The Lord avenges us. We need to love those who take advantage of us. We need to love our enemies (and our friends) and love them in the same way as we love ourselves. Jesus was our prime example. Now, as Christians, we should not use the court system. We should bring the issue to God or try to reconcile the issue between the parties that our involved.

What is wrong with the system?

   People use a large sum of money for lawyer to defend the client and prosecute the other. The lawyer is looking out only for the one who has hired them. The lawyer is only on that person's side. Yes, it is blood and guts. It doesn't matter if a person is innocent. It only matters that the lawyer wins for the client so that the lawyer can collect his or her money. The lawyer wants to win. That is why the court system cannot be used by Christians, because God knows all of the details, including things that each of us do not know. So, if you are Christian, bring all of your issues and hurts to the Lord. Don't retaliate! He will take care of it. Just pray.

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