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The Pharisees

   The Pharisees were the 'separate ones'. However, they were extremely legalistic. When I say legalistic, that means that they thought that they could get by with rites and rituals but they were not as interested in God. This is called religion. Who killed Jesus Christ? Religion. Who killed the deacon Stephen? Religion. Now, if you have an honest, authentic relationship with Christ, then you have nothing to worry about, but if it is all religion, then it is legalism and you should seek God immeditately. If God does not mandate it, then it is religion. You don't need religion; you just need God alone. We need to be Christians on the inside as well as outside. Going to church is not enough. Bible reading is not enough. We need to be doers and not hearers only of the Word of God. Now, as for new converts, we don't have to go get them, we, as Christians, are the light, the unsaved, the darkness, will come to the light, or in other words, us. We should not be concerned as much with ourselves, but we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves. That means, that we are to love of neighbor in the same way that we love ourselves. We also should not look at certain people as in a caste system. We are all on the same level. We, as Christian, only follow examples. Do not be like the Pharisees. They are legalistic.

   Now, there is a difference between following the Lord and legalism. Legalism is religion. It is when the follower is trying to climb steps to get to God. Believe me, you will climb forever, because that it not what the Lord wants. The Lord wants us to walk in Him and abide in Him. We also need to love each other as a family. That is not legalism. Obeying God is not legalism. Religion, however, is legalism.

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