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   We are nothing but dust to the Lord, but the Lord is good to us anyway. Isn't the Lord great? He is fair. He loves us and wants us to follow Him because He knows that everything that comes from Him will work out to be the best for us. As Christians, we need to be examples or in other words, salt and light, so that those who see us will come to us and see the Lord working in us. By doing this, we will also fulfill the Great Commission. The Lord is training us so that we can be salt and light to those who are looking and bring people through christ into the kingdom of heaven. The Lord loves us, no matter how we act. If we sin, He still loves us. If we don't sin, He still loves us. If we renounce Him, He still loves us, but that is no reason to take advantage of the Lord. He is not a sugar daddy or someone who is a pushover. God is also a god of mercy. He gives us what we need and not what we want. Sometimes, if we had what we wanted, we could hurt ourselves, but if we had what we needed, we know that the Father is watching us. God only helps those who don't think that they are righteous. The people who think that they are righteous cannot receive God because they feel that they do not have a problem with sin. In other words, perfection is a Christian's enemy. We need to not only say in our hearts that the Lord is not only Savior, but Lord. He is in charge. If you have read John 14:15, if the Lord says that we need to do something, if we do it, it is loving the Lord. Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Without what He did for us, we cannot go to heaven. So you must believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and Savior of your life. We need to remember who we are. The Lord is in charge. We need to come to Him.

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