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God Is Good

   God is good. All of his laws are good. His rules cannot stop Him although they do not like their laws. God is fair and just and He loves His children. He wants us to love Him with all that we have and love our neighbors in the same way that we love ourselves. Now, I know that there is some confusion about the latter statement. It isn't love yourself and your neighbor, too, it is loving yourself in the same way that you love yourself. This is the example that Jesus portrayed. He came to serve and not be served. Therefore, He was last and not first. But since Jesus is God, He could have taken first place, but since He was teaching us how to live, He took the form of a servant. There was a reason that God put those laws in the Old Testament. It was to prove that we could not do it. Now, the Lord introduced the new covenant so that we can live a higher law which is the law of the Spirit. This law is achievable. We can trust God with His commands because we know that there is a good reason why they are there. God is good. God is fair. And you can trust Him and He knows what He is doing. We can trust Him.

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