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Staying on Top

   The wise follow what God says. The foolish don't. The wise become wiser and the foolish destroy themselves. Now, when it comes to the law of the Lord, we must make good choices. If we make good choices, we will stand. If we make bad choices, we will fall. So, we must be careful. So, we must make the Old and New Testament our friends. The Bible is the Sword of the Spirit for one reason. It's powerful. We must study it. We must meditate upon it and understand it and seek the meaning of it and figure out what it is trying to say. Now, because we all have this sin problem, we cannot be perfect, that is why our motives must be to follow God. He knows your heart. If it is for Him, He will know. So if you want to stay on top, then I would trust God, it is the only way.

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