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The Laocidean Spirit

   God said about these people that they were neither hot nor cold. And they said they they were rich. That means that they did not need God. Well, it is like this, some people's motives are not right. We need to set our motives upon serving God or Satan. God will not have it both ways. You cannot serve both. Since, the latter sentence says that you cannot serve both, God will spew you out of his mouth, which means that God will not take you into his kingdom if your motives are serving both. So, you need to decide immediately who you will have your heart set on. I hope that you choose God. Now, you may fall (Don't do it on purpose.), but God will pick you up. The Laocidean spirit also says that I have all that I need. Well, do you remember that Jesus only ate with sinners and tax-collecters who trusted their lives to Him! People who say or act as they could do without Him will not receive Him or His goodness. This spirit is also the spirit of religion. It is when you do all sorts of practice but the Lord is not running the service. This is when the practices become legalism. We need the Lord and Satan will try to distract us from receiving the Lord. We can't let Him. We need to let the Lord rule and let Him take charge of our lives, because if we don't, we lose out.

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