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In Secret

   When you do something for God, you should not be full of pride and yell about it. God says that you have had your reward. You will either have the public's favor or some people will just simply tell you to shut up. When God wants you to do something, it is always between you and Him. It isn't between you and anyone else. Now, the Bible also says that you should pray in private. Now, you can pray in public, because many people are minding their own business. Just do not draw attention to yourself. If no one is watching and you are not drawing attention to yourself, you should be fine. Someone told me that the best way to have a private conversation is in public. Another thing is the motive of the heart. If your heart wants to have a prayer where everyone should hear or a private prayer, you will be rewarded accordingly. You are told to pray in your closet, but as long as no one sees or hears you and the Lord having dialogue, you should be okay. Do it secretly and do it unnoticeably. It should be between you and Him. You can talk to Him about anything.

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