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Judging and Condemning

   We will start with judging. Judging is not condemning. Condemining is something else which I will talk about later. Judging is when you give you own opinion of someone. In a surface court, do they not have an opinion of the people who is on trial? This is judging. It is saying thata person is stupid or ugly, or incapable of perfroming a certain task. Do you know what is happening here? God is making fools out of the wise! You do not know what God thinks of any human being. So, why don't we start by having a blessed attitude about each other and have a God-like attitude toward each other? Now, for condemning. When you condemn, you send someone to punishment. In example is sending a person to hell. That's God's job, not ours. If we follow Philp. 4:8-9, we are to think good things about a person. So, let's not try to say that an innocent person is guilty and say that vengeance belongs to the Lord, because the Lord knows all.

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