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Story of Job

Moral of Story: The Lord is here to teach us. Sometimes, things may not go our way, but the Lord has plans for us and they work out for our benefit. Sometimes, we have to go through things to grow in our faith. The end result is always good.

What the Four People Said:

  • Job has sinned.
  • The people who fall into wickedness fall into their own trap.
  • Stop blaming God.
  • God will deliver.
  • Wicked men destroy themselves.
  • God is in charge.
  • You don't know God.
  • The wicked will die.
  • The wicked will be destroyed at the end.
  • God will punish the wicked.
  • God isn't being fair.
  • I (Job) didn't do anything.
  • I (Job) know God's ways.
  • You three know nothing.

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