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   We all know that God created the Earth. We know that God craeted all ofthe various creatures and plant-life. We know that God created the stars, the galaxies, sun, moon, and various heavenlies. This page is here to disprove Darwin or Social Darwinism. The disproof in a nutshell of Darwin's theory is that their is no origin. It says that all of this existed, but how did it get there? Also, apes do not turn into humans. If that were true, then apes would be turning into humans, now and we would have some ape-like characteristics, but how did the apes get here? And how does this go with theory of 'survival of the fittest'? If this theory was true, there would be no love in this world, because everyone would try to be on top and the wars, which we had would be fighting each other. Yes, humankind would destroy itself. That is why the law of 'self' happens here. Pride goes to destruction. Pride will destroy you. If we trusted in Christ, people would still exist and we would be helping each other and being a family who loves each other. Choose creation, because it is the truth and it is a much better way.

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