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The Loser Syndrome

   First of all, weakness isn't meekness. Meekness is childlikeness. It is when you just totally want to give up and reject all counseling and find no hope and there is no way out. Read Phil. 4:8-9. We, as Christians, are not supposed to think like that. We are supposed to think in a heavenly way and good things. Even the world calls it stinkin' thinkin'. Moses did it when He felt at the beginning that He could not do the task which God gave Him. He was stinkin' thinkin'. Now, look at Jesus. He was afraid, but He kept going. When you feel sorry for yourself, either you bring others down with you or people desert you because you don't care so they will find someone else who does care. Don't be a loser, because you are running a race. Be winner. You may fall, but pick yourself up and keep going, because the prize is just ahead! It's alright to cry (male or female) but still keep going! Don't stop! Do not feel sorry for yourself; you will only downward spiral and Satan will find every oppurtunity that He wants to destroy you. Keep going to win the prize and don't let Satan stop you. Don't be a loser; be a winner!

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