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Two Trees

   We all have a sin problem, but thanks to Jesus, we have been saved from the law of sin and death. Now because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, sin became widespread. We all know that the wages of sin is death. Now, because Adam sinned, we must realize something. The Bible did not say that sin could be widespread. But however, the wages of sin are death, but because this event happened, sin was widespread. The knowledge of Good and Evil is of the knowledge of good and evil of this world. The knowledge of life is the gift that God could offer. The Lord offered his world and then, Satan offered his world. God gave good things and Satan gave bad things. Somehow, like us, they have made wrong choices, so we can not criticize them for what they did, because we would have done the same thing. I sincerely believe that we are going to eat of the tree of life so that we can live forever and that fruit will be great!!!.

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