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   Accountability makes sure that you are covered. In church discipleship groups, it is frequently used. Now, I believe that this is good for the body. We need to be accountable for each other. Now, we do not need to search for each other's faults. It is not a look-and-find game. It may be the case of sudden observation or the Lord may reveal it to someone in the body. Do you know why a Christian person is called brother or sister? That's what we are! We are a family! And we need to help each other! Point out the problem, but do it in love and brotherly kindness. The person if he or she is wise should take the advice well. Now, I would do this:

  1. Point out the sin(s) with brotherly kindness.
  2. Pray for them.
  3.    There is a method called 'Christian discipline'. I believe that as a family, we can sort things out with the Lord's guidance. I am not saying that the three-step method is a bad thing, but people may try to evade it. That is why if we are a family and God is our Head, God must be in charge of everything that we do.

       Now, for covering. It is not a good idea. Man over man is never good. Man is not as smart is God. Man errs. Therefore, if man is your covering, he can lead you accidentally into error.

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