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   What is authority?1 It could be a citition. It could be freedom that is granted to someone. It could be the kind of authority that is granted to a person in command. Well, let's separate the Gentiles and the Jews. The Gentiles lord it over. We, the Jews, do not. We lead by example and humility. Now, this should not be a contest to see how well these behaviors can be exhibited. Authority is not a person that likes to take control. That is only a person with weakness. A leader knows that the way up is the way down. The ones who are humble will be exalted and vice versa. (See Proverbs 3:34) Now, there are no somebodies and nobodies. Every Christian is on the same level. People who have gifts should not be over anyone, because everyone has gifts. Now, look at Hebrews 13:17. Now, this looks like that I am contradicting this part of the gospel, but I am not. However, it says that people should obey the ones over us. Also, leaders are told to work among us and we are told to walk by example. Here is the answer to all this: the person who has the most authority is the one who is walking in Jesus Christ.

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