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Journey to Nothing

   Do you remember that Christ said that why do people call Him good? Do you remember that Jesus came to serve and not to be served? In John, do you remember in John 3, that says that John must decrease and Jesus must increase? This is the point that I am trying to make. You may think that I have depression, but the truth is that nothing good come out of our flesh. Jesus is the only somebody and we are nobody. Man should not try to claim 'somebody' status (Matt. 23:8-12). In Proverbs 3:34, humility comes before honor. Therefore, the way down is the way up. We cannot be self-righteous either. Even Paul, himself, (Romans 7), said that He was not all that great. He hated his flesh. That is why we must give it all to Jesus and let Him take care of it. Surrendur everything and embrace Jesus. Become nothing and only then you will be a somebody.

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