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Man's Trinity

   Man is a threefold being, just as God is. The body is a 2,000 bone mass which has organs, tissue, cells, and nerves, and skin. It is what many people see visually. The soul is the life within us. It is the life. The body has no life without it. God has given the first man, Adam, life so that he can become a living soul. The spirit is man's conciousness which keeps the man or woman on the right path with God. On the contrary, flesh is the spirit's enemy. The flesh is usually more figurative than literal. Each person has a spirit and flesh. We face a battle between both. This is seen in Romans 7. We are not good enough, so we need Christ. So, there is the three-part man:

  1. body
  2. soul
  3. the combined mass of: spirit and flesh

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