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   Everyone or many people have tried to search for happiness. Well, I have to admit that it is sometimes a search in vain. I will tell you of a futile search that I had. At this time, I wasn't Christian. I went on a trek for happiness. All I gained were tired feet and I walked to the other side of town. I didn't get anywhere, because I had no car. I guess that I was trying to find something extraordinary. Some people find happiness in religion, but if it does not have Christ in it, it is the devil's counterfeit. Now, here is where it becomes somewhere confusing. A commitment to Christ does not say that you will be happy in this world. God did not guarantee that. He only guaranteed your freedom for the law of sin and death and the enemies of world, Satan, and the flesh. You should realize that just because you are Christian, it does not mean that you will not be happy. Have you read the book of Ecclesiates? Every thing but the Lord is in vain. So, if it is in vain, it is not the Lord, because the Lord will make sure that your search for the Lord is not in vain. Your happiness will not be found in this world but it will be found in Him. The servant delights in Him. (Psalms 1:2) Now, you can feel happy here, but this is not your home. Happiness can be found here, but not all the time nor always appropriate. Jesus will give us joy and happiness. All that we have to do is live the Christ-life and not the self-life. Happiness can be only be found in the kingdom.

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