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No Fighting

   We, as a family, need to discuss things as a family. We should not fight and get angry and all that violent stuff. As a family, we should try to get along and walk in unity. Therefore, it is best that everything is a concensus. Now, there may be some that may try to cause trouble within the attempted concensus. You will see their fruit. Don't kick them out. Pray to God about the situation. He will take care of it, because we are supposed to abide in Him, so He is the one who is in control. Because if there is no unity, a divided group will not stand. Everything must be done in love. We should always seek the best for every individual. Prayer is usually the best way. And the devil may also try to get a foothold on things, but with prayer and the weapons of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:13-20). We can overcome Him. But we can not be divided and give the devil a marginal victory. Just as Euodia and Synteche were fighting, if the body suffers when it is hurting, the body must get involved to help in the situation. We are a body and without us working together in unity and not divided, things can go wrong and things can be hindered. In believe that if we worked with the Lord on these issues, we can resolve them quickly and with his guidance and commitment. And hopefully, we will continue on as the concesus is solved and walking as a body together.

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