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The Faith Fight

   Okay, we know how to be a family. But we know how to fight like one! Have you seen 1 Corinthians 3! We are doing the same thing. Some of us hand out tracts in order to get lost people to come to their church. It is like competing to get as many followers as possible. I know many people do not see it, but this is happening. Churches are competing for each other. Now, I have to admit that some church do not compete, in fact, they advertise each other, but we need to realize that we, as a family, need to be one family. I am not talking about division at this point, but I believe that separation, like having a church at every block, could change also. These churches could join together. After all, we are a family, right! And even when you are in a building, you can still be in a building and be a family and together and not just be together two to three hours on Sunday and Wednesday? You can be a spiritual family! Buildings should not separate us. Now, I am not saying that having a building is a bad idea, but don't let it separate you, as Christians. Christians need to be one family and the more together that they are, the better. Now, the people who are fighting or divided, you may fall down. You may invite a Satanic attack. If we are a Christian church, then we are a whole Christian body, plain and simple. The Christian body should not be divided, by any means. Stop fighting and come back together as a family.

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