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Correcting in the Lord

   This is also known as chastisement. Now, a father, or a responsible father wants the best for his children. That is what God wants for us. That is why He disciplines us. The Bible says 'spoil the rod and spare the child'. Now, I think when it says 'spoil the rod', I think that it means that we need to administor the proper punishment opposed to spanking. Now, the foolish person will not listen and will get an attitude to what chastisement that you give Him. But the wise will take the advice and grow. The Lord wants the best for you. WIthout Him, life isn't worth living and you know that. So, if someone corrects you in love, take the good advice. Now, sometimes, they can be wrong, just as in the book of Job, but accept their help anyway. The body is there because the body is filled with a loving family. If someone is about to do something that they may later regret, then it is our job to stop him. We are a family. We need to love each other.

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