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Missionary Work

   Do you have an expertise in the mission field. Well, I tell you this. It is everybody's job. If we are to fulfill the Great Commission, then it is our job to rescue these people from the devil. Now, we, Christians, have problems and we are bringing them overseas. We have demonationalism (or we are too divided) or we are not following the priesthood of all believers or the church that has been built is an institution. Now, some Christians believe that the church would be better if it was without a building. Well, I tell you this. With or without a building, the church can be an institution because of its structure. A church is an ekklesia only if it is a spiritual creation. Enough of this. The point that I am trying to make is that we are bringing these problems overseas and bringing the institutionalized church to the people who have never experienced church in their lives and some people get saved and some leave! If we are to win these people over, I believe that we need to win their hearts and love them as a family and jettison all of that religious stuff. Show them love and do not shove Christianity down their throats. Be a good Christian example. That is what them need.

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