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The Cost

   When you became (or becoming) a Christian, you were promised an inheritance from God called heaven, however life on this earth wasn't supposed to be pretty for us Christians. Now, you must be aware of the cost that comes with Christianity. Yes! There is a cost! When you are Christian, you need to turn your back on the world. Now, in Luke 14:26, it says to 'hate' your family and friends compared to a life of Christ. Now, 'hate' is not the word. The word is more like 'prefer' Christ over your family. IN fact, when you become Christian, you have a spiritual family which is the Christian body of Christ. You may run into a member who is insincere and wants to cause trouble, but let's hope that it doesn't happen. Also, we need to prefer the spiritual family over our natural-born family. Now, if you run into a person who is both, then you have it made! But when it comes to submitting to people, Jesus comes first. Leave your physical life behind and follow Him. Didn't he tell one follower that he needed to let the dead bury their own dead? Follow Him and turn your back on the world. Don't 'hate' them, but when it comes to Christ, have your priorities straight.

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