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   God loves you. He sent Jesus to pay for our sin on the cross. Jesus is Immanuel. And Immanuel stands for 'God with us'. God wants us to do things in love. He wants us to do things in good motives. WIthout love, it is the same thing as if it didn't count. God wants us to love him with our bodies, souls, minds, and hearts. We belong to him. He paid our ransom and He is the one who made us. He wants us to be happy. So, if we follow Him, it will be to our benefit. Another thing is that we must love our neighors in the same way that we love ourselves. The truth is, Jesus first. Others next. And yourself last. You may not realize that there is much joy in following Jesus and being on the low point of the totem pole. You can be high, but remember that the Lord will always knock you down if you desire to be on top. Now, some people say that we need to love our neighbors in the same way that we love ourselves. That is not how it works. As Christians, we must remember that Jesus took the position of the servant's position and rejected the high position of the world which Satan tried to offer Him. As Christians, we need to take the position of the servant. Everything that we do must be done in love.

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