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Vengeance Is Mine

   The Lord says, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay." The Lord tells us not to take vengeance on the one who have hurt of. Of course, there was the law of Hammurabi, which says, "eye for an eye', but Jesus says that we are not supposed to retailiate. We are supposed to return the injury in love. Now, are you always right? No. Are you always wrong? No. The best way to respond to an isult is to respond in mercy. The thing, which you way not understand is that what has the person been through? What do you not understand about the person? It is not always about you. Try seeing the person through God's eyes and love them anyway. As a Christian, you are less than everyone. Don't bring Him to court but bring that person through prayer to Jesus and let Jesus handle it. Jesus is a fair judge who understands what each person has been through. And by doing that, we should show mercy to each party, which is the other person and ourselves. When the event happens, we should pray about the situation.

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