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I Hate Sin

   Sin is a dangerous thing. It is more dangerous than hell, because sin is the gateway. We were all born as babies who sin because we did not know God as babies so we were little pagans at birth. Sin kills and wounds.

   Here is one example. The Israelites finished taking over Jericho. The Lord instructed them not to take any materials from the ruins. Well, there was a man named Achan who took some things that were precious to him from the ruins. Now, when they went up to battle Ai, the Israelites lost the battle and why Achan disobeyed the Lord. They found that Achan had taken the spoils later on. Israel stoned Achan. They defeated Ai.

   Here is a very familiar one. Eve knew that she was not supposed to eat the forbidden fruit. Satan tricked her into thinking that it was okay. So, she did and gave some to Adam, her husband. It tasted good for their flesh. They hid from God. God gave each their punishment. The man had to work harder, the woman received pregnancy pains, and Satan received inferior status.

   Sin is dangerous. God told Cain that we have to be its master. Paul said that there is a battle between sin and our Christian life. Sin leads to death. Following God leads to life. The more important things are that we:

  1. Deny self.
  2. Surrender to Christ
  3. Follow Christ

   You may have seen in some of my other articles that we are fighting a battle to the finish. And we are trying to win. So, do not give up. There are plenty of occupancies in heaven and one of them is for you. So, keep going! Jesus is the way!

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