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Sola Ecclesia

   This may be a better term than Churchianity because it believes in the church alone because the church is in control. Chruchianity believes that the church is in control. Even though they believe in God, the church does what it wants to do. There are distortions in the Word of God and they have their own kind of operations making them somewhat legalistic. Christianity is a way of life. Sola ecclesia slash Churchianity is a religion. There are rites and rituals in Churchianity. The 'Sinner's Prayer' is one of the most obvious. People are allegiant to their church but do not know what is going on. The early church did not have buildings. They met just about anywhere. A church even without a building cannot be what it is if it is still practicing its own methods. They have schools to train pastors and clergy. I think that this is the Holy Spirit's job. This similar to things that are done in witchraft. In witchcraft, people move up and down levels. What is worse, the churches seek government help and they do not realize that the church is not suppoae to be worldly! So, why do people go to church? Even that is a distortion:

  1. They think that their lives will be better. God did not say that their lives will be a bed of roses. They will just be free from the laws of sin and death and have a home when they pass away.
  2. They get to go to heaven when they die. People think that they get something free, but there is a cost. You have to deny yourself. Surrender yourself to God and follow Him. Give God your heart.
  3. You have to accept Christ and become part of His body. If you are not in the book of Life, then you cannot enter.

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