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   First of all, authority is not dominion. Those who have dominion have an inferiority complex. They are weak, so they try top get control over others. Jesus was not that type. Jesus was the exact opposite. Have you look at 1 Timothy 3? Look at the requirements for elders and deacons. If you see all the requirements, all that it re3quires is that these elders and deacons be a good example. Now, if you look at Matthew 23:8-12 and 1 Peter 5:1-3, it says that we are not supposed to lord it over other, but be a good example to each other. Now, if there was an submission, then it is the kind of submission when we submit to each other. If there is any spiritual authority, then that person is Jesus Christ. Now, there are spiritual moms and dads, but they cannot be called 'mother' or 'father' or the like. Now, in the Christian family, it is best that we mutually submit to each other. Each of us has different gifts and as a body of Christ, we can benefit each other. (See 1 Corinthians 13:9.) We need each other. Now, as in the fivefold ministry created by Earl Paulk, I believe that we do need these ministries, but they can not claim dominion, but they should be examples. Each of us have a valuable role in the ekklesia. We should all be able to participate in the ekklesia. So, therefore, there is no room for human authority, because Christ is the only one who can claim authority because He alone is perfect.

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