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Paul's Problem

   Romans 6-7 identify God's problem. In fact, it was not only Paul's problem, but I think that this is the problem with all of us. We don't do what we should do and we do what we should not do. To tell you the truth, I hate sin. Sin destroys. Turn to the first book of Genesis. The original sin caused Adam and Eve damage. People were wiped out by a flood because of sin. We are taught that the wages of sin lead to death and we are also taught that everybody sins and we sometimes do not know that we are sinning. The devil has us so deceived that it isn't even funny. There is no person that does not sin. It is a battle that we face. The way that it goes is that you win some and we lose some. There is no other way. Now, even those in high positions sin, but we still have to give them mercy. That is why we need Jesus. If we give Him our heart, He can help us. We must be willing to surrender to Him, deny ourselves, and follow Him. If you mess up, do not worry because as long as He has your heart, you have nothing to worry about.

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